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This statement outlines the information gathered during your visit to WyvernHealth.Com and explains how this information is treated. If you choose to request information from this site you will need to pass personal data to us through this site. Where you actively provide personal data (for example, by completing a web form requesting a newsletter subscription) this data will be used only for the service you have requested unless you consent otherwise at the time of submitting the data.

Data Protection Act

The gathering, storage, use, release and disposal of personal information i s regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Log files

Wyvern Health.Com does not automatically capture or store personal data from visitors to the site, other than to log your IP address and session information. Session information includes the time and duration of your visit to the site, the files requested, and the browser used. This information will only be accessed by authorised persons of WyvernHealth.Com or its agents. The information will be retained by us and will only be used for the purpose of (a) managing the site system, (b) the identification of broken links, and (c) for statistical and audit purposes.


Cookies are small text files passed to your computer by the web server via your browser, and may be used to collect information to help identify you and prepare customised pages for you. Cookies may remain on your computer either for the duration of the session or indefinitely. You can configure most standard web browsers to refuse cookies. At present this site does not use cookies but may do so in the future.

Web Forms

You may occasionally be asked to provide personal information to gain access to specific services such as subscribing to our newsletter. By supplying such information you consent to WyvernHealth.Com storing the information for the stated purpose. The information is held by us in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the content of external internet sites.